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New HSK Exam System (from July 1st 2021)

In 2020, an internal Chinese academic paper discussed that the Chinese Proficiency Standards shall usher in a new change: a hybrid paradigm of “Three Stages and Nine Levels” characterized by integration and all-in-one. The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China announced further details regarding HSK 3.0 on April 1, 2021. Among the information shared was a wordlist for each individual stage, and a date for the introduction of the new test - July 1, 2021.

The intermediate levels should test the ability to understand slightly modified authentic materials or authentic materials written/spoken in a clear manner and intended for educated mother tongue speakers: materials concerning everyday topics, simple articles, simple commentaries and critiques found in newspapers and magazines.

The advanced levels should test the ability to understand longer, more complicated and abstract materials: extracts from authentic sources such as textbooks for Chinese university students, Chinese magazine and essays, extracts from modern Chinese literature, interviews and extracts from Chinese media. Moreover, classical Chinese expressions and classical Chinese grammatical structures used in modern formal Chinese should be included too. Source

Level Difficulty Number Of Words Review
HSK 1 Beginner 500 Review new HSK 1
HSK 2 Beginner 772 Review new HSK 2
HSK 3 Beginner 973 Review new HSK 3
HSK 4 Intermediate 1000 Review new HSK 4
HSK 5 Intermediate 1071 Review new HSK 5
HSK 6 Intermediate 1140 Review new HSK 6
HSK 7 Advanced 5636 (combined) Review new HSK 7,8,9
HSK 8 Advanced
HSK 9 Advanced

HSK (1-6) Flashcards

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HSK (1-6) Flashcards

Stroke Order

Animated Hanzi stroke order

Random HSK Words

Hanzi Pinyin Meaning Level
障碍 zhàng'ài barrier/obstacle HSK 6
推销 tuīxiāo to market/sell HSK 6
义务 yìwù duty/obligation/volunteer duty HSK 5
责备 zébèi to blame/criticize (sb.)/accuse HSK 5
阿姨 āyí auntie/step-mother/mother's younger sister HSK 3
舞蹈 wǔdǎo a dance HSK 6
核心 héxīn core/nucleus HSK 5
灵感 línggǎn inspiration/insight/a burst of creativity in scientific or artistic endeavor HSK 6
皱纹 zhòuwén wrinkle/furrow HSK 6
气魄 qìpò spirit/daring/nerve/boldness/enterprising outlook HSK 6
zhuǎn, zhuàn to turn/to change/pass on | revolve/rotate HSK 4
fish (Kangxi radical 195) HSK 2
压抑 yāyì constrain or repress one's emotions/inhibition/repressive HSK 6
物理 wùlǐ physics/physical HSK 5
怀疑 huáiyí doubt/to suspect/be skeptical HSK 4
迎接 yíngjiē meet/greet/to welcome HSK 5
建筑 jiànzhù a building/to construct/architecture HSK 5
忽然 hūrán suddenly/all of a sudden HSK 5
恰到好处 qià dào hǎo chù just right/it's just perfect HSK 6
shū book/letter HSK 1

Random non HSK Words

Hanzi Pinyin Meaning
世界金融中心 Shì jiè Jīn róng Zhōng xīn World Financial Center (New York City)
倾尽 qīng jìn to do all one can/to give all one has
倾耳而听 qīng ěr ér tīng to listen attentively
公墓 gōng mù public cemetery
城运会 Chéng yùn huì abbr. for 城市運動會|城市运动会[Chéng shì Yùn dòng huì]
夏季 xià jì summer
安闲 ān xián at one's ease/carefree
微安培 wēi ān péi microampere (one millionth of amp)
授计 shòu jì to confide a plan to sb
损伤 sǔn shāng to harm/to damage/to injure/impairment/loss/disability
瓦加杜古 Wǎ jiā dù gǔ Ouagadougou, capital of Burkina Faso
置入 zhì rù to insert/to implant/to embed/to introduce (a new element) into
蒙阴 Méng yīn Mengyin county in Linyi 臨沂|临沂[Lín yí], Shandong
计分 jì fēn to calculate the score
财产权 cái chǎn quán property rights
软盘 ruǎn pán floppy disk
进贡 jìn gòng to offer tribute/to pay tribute that a vassal owes to his suzerain
难以应付 nán yǐ yìng fù hard to deal with/hard to handle
食补 shí bǔ tonic food (food considered to be particularly healthful)/to eat such foods
马芬 mǎ fēn muffin (loanword)/also written 瑪芬|玛芬[mǎ fēn]