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New HSK Exam System (from July 1st 2021)

In 2020, an internal Chinese academic paper discussed that the Chinese Proficiency Standards shall usher in a new change: a hybrid paradigm of “Three Stages and Nine Levels” characterized by integration and all-in-one. The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China announced further details regarding HSK 3.0 on April 1, 2021. Among the information shared was a wordlist for each individual stage, and a date for the introduction of the new test - July 1, 2021.

The intermediate levels should test the ability to understand slightly modified authentic materials or authentic materials written/spoken in a clear manner and intended for educated mother tongue speakers: materials concerning everyday topics, simple articles, simple commentaries and critiques found in newspapers and magazines.

The advanced levels should test the ability to understand longer, more complicated and abstract materials: extracts from authentic sources such as textbooks for Chinese university students, Chinese magazine and essays, extracts from modern Chinese literature, interviews and extracts from Chinese media. Moreover, classical Chinese expressions and classical Chinese grammatical structures used in modern formal Chinese should be included too. Source

Level Difficulty Number Of Words Review
HSK 1 Beginner 500 Review new HSK 1
HSK 2 Beginner 772 Review new HSK 2
HSK 3 Beginner 973 Review new HSK 3
HSK 4 Intermediate 1000 Review new HSK 4
HSK 5 Intermediate 1071 Review new HSK 5
HSK 6 Intermediate 1140 Review new HSK 6
HSK 7 Advanced 5636 (combined) Review new HSK 7,8,9
HSK 8 Advanced
HSK 9 Advanced

HSK (1-6) Flashcards

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HSK (1-6) Flashcards

Stroke Order

Animated Hanzi stroke order

Random HSK Words

Hanzi Pinyin Meaning Level
事物 shìwù thing/object HSK 5
负担 fùdān to (bear a) burden/carry/a load HSK 6
全力以赴 quán lì yǐ fù do at all costs/make an all-out effort HSK 6
活泼 huópo lively/vivacious HSK 4
安详 ānxiáng serene/composed HSK 6
周年 zhōunián anniversary/annual HSK 6
暴露 bàolù expose/reveal/lay bare HSK 6
识别 shíbié identify/distinguish/discern HSK 6
丝绸 sīchóu silk HSK 5
停顿 tíngdùn pause/halt HSK 6
谢绝 xièjué politely refuse HSK 6
报名 bào míng sign up/apply HSK 4
杂技 zájì acrobatics HSK 6
悔恨 huǐhèn remorse/repentance HSK 6
单独 dāndú alone HSK 5
所有 suǒyǒu all/to have/to possess HSK 4
集合 jíhé gather/assemble/to muster HSK 5
赞叹 zàntàn sigh or grasp in admiration/highly praise HSK 6
沼泽 zhǎozé marsh/swamp/glade/wetlands HSK 6
固然 gùrán admittedly/it is true that/indeed HSK 6

Random non HSK Words

Hanzi Pinyin Meaning
不怀好意 bù huái hǎo yì to harbor evil designs/to harbor malicious intentions
依旧 yī jiù as before/still
催泪瓦斯 cuī lèi wǎ sī tear gas
分区 fēn qū allocated area (for housing, industry etc)/district
列治文 Liè zhì wén Richmond (place name or surname)
刘金宝 Liú Jīn bǎo Liu Jinbao
nuó elegant/graceful
幸运儿 xìng yùn ér winner/lucky guy/person who always gets good breaks
律诗 lǜ shī regular verse/strict poetic form with eight lines of 5, 6 or 7 syllables and even lines rhyming
怙恶不悛 hù è bù quān to keep doing evil without a sense of repentance (idiom)
托儿所 tuō ér suǒ nursery
拖油瓶 tuō yóu píng (derog.) (of a woman) to bring one's children into a second marriage/children by a previous marriage
细胞破碎 xì bāo pò suì (biotechnology) cell disruption
老兵 lǎo bīng veteran
螺旋曲面 luó xuán qū miàn spiral surface
里边儿 lǐ bian er erhua variant of 裡邊|里边[lǐ bian]
邮政局 yóu zhèng jú post office
长辈 zhǎng bèi one's elders/older generation
发乳 fà rǔ hair cream
龙门刨 lóng mén bào double column surface grinding machine